What is Legacy Partners 5280? 
Legacy Partners 5280, is a Venture Fund that will invest into the three most profitable sectors of the cannabis and hemp industries today, the bio-technology, real estate, and technology sectors.


The cannabis biotech subsector is one of the most capitalized subsectors with a market cap in excess of $5.7 billion, according to the Marijuana Index, 2017. As more legislation is passed to legalize cannabis, a large amount of data on the medicinal benefits of cannabis is being discovered.

Real Estate

Currently, the cannabis real estate sector has a market cap in excess of $225 million, according to the Marijuana Index (a North
American Marijuana Index that tracks the leading stocks operating in the legal cannabis industry in the United States and Canada) as of October 2017.


Cannabis technology companies are creating innovative and disruptive technology that is allowing cannabis stakeholders to operate more efficiently. This sector alone has a market cap in excess of $538 million, according to the Marijuana Index as of October 2017.
Having the most innovative and disruptive products on the market, these three sectors are changing the landscape of these industries as we know it, thus creating potentially profitable opportunities for investors seeking to get into the space.
The Fund plans to diversify its portfolio by allocating a portion of the capital raised, directly into minority-owned companies in an array of different verticals within the space.  
The Fund has identified startup and established companies that exemplify ethical growth and longevity within these sectors of the industry. 
Who Is A Legacy Partner?
Anyone. A legacy partner is not just a person looking for opportunities in the venture fund...
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Legacy Partners Mission is...
Our Mission at Legacy Partners 5280, is to develop into a large-scale venture fund that invests capital directly into economically viable businesses that provide dividend income, capital appreciation, and interest income to our shareholders.

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Legacy Partners 5280 was founded by a diversified team of corporate professionals and investors seeking to make a significant socio-economic impact in the statewide legalized marijuana industry, specifically as it relates to inclusion.
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